How will the winter break change English football?

It is a historical week for the Premier League as the first winter break is upon us.

All the teams in the England’s top division will be given a 13-day-break following on from the crammed bestie schedule.

The Premier League will have its first Winter Break.

Since this type of event has never been seen before during the Premier League era many have wondered how their team will be affected by the change.

Football fans around the world will still be able to watch league action as the teams have all been allocated separate rest periods.

It has been organised so 12 teams will have this week free of Premier League action before the other eight sides get their break the week after.

Some of the Premier League clubs will not have the full allocated break due to FA Cup replay commitments.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

A story which has created huge controversy in recent weeks is the fact that Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, will field an under-23 outfit and will hand his managerial control to Neil Critchley for their game against Shrewsbury Town.

The under-23 manager who will step in at Anfield said: “I’m really looking forward to what will be a special night. The young players will get a unique opportunity.

“I think the manager has made it quite clear with his statement and what he said prior to the game. He gives myself, and the staff, unbelievable support.

It is not the first time Critchley has been in control this season, as he took charge for Liverpool’s quarter-final clash against Aston Villa at Villa Park, whilst Klopp and the senior players were playing in the Club World Cup.

Klopp said: “We have to respect the players’ welfare. They need a rest. They need a mental rest, a physical rest, and that’s what the winter break is all about.

“We had to make these decisions beforehand because these boys have families.”