Ikenna’s dreams to be the next Mr Olympia

Business managment student Alex Ikenna has aspirations of being the next Mr Olympia.

It’s been the Nigerian’s dream to compete ever since he was eight years old but children at that age shouldn’t be in the gym.

“I found a passion for it from a young age, but was told you can’t really start too young as it will stunt your growth.”

Alex Ikenna. Photography: Emmanuel Igbokwuwe

The 20-year old intends to do it the natural way as he’s not a fan of steroids.

“What I will say as someone’s who’s gifted is that it’s best that you push what you got naturally.”

Body power 2019 in Birmingham was Ikenna’s first time of competing in a bodybuilding competition.

Out of the 20 participants, Ikenna achieved a third place finish.

The bodybuilder spends about £120 month on food, which sees him eat 18 eggs a day.

He doesn’t apply oil when cooking as it consumes a lot of fat, he’s also trying to maintain his weight gain.

Photography: Emmanuel Igbokwuwe

Training is good, but without the right consumption of food you won’t go far Ikenna believes.

“I don’t really like calling it diet as you lose motivation, I’d say you eat toward’s your goal.

“Getting the meat in, the protein in and making sure you eating enough carbs to sustain your energy levels is important.

“Calorie deficit or calorie surplus. Just make sure there’s a sustainable balance in which can make you progressive overt the long run.”

He hopes to be competing again around May next year.