Magic of the FA Cup at Portsmouth

With the FA Cup final looming, has the competition lost some of it’s glamour?

Portsmouth won the FA Cup in 2008 Photo: self-sourced image

In recent years the cup competition has seemed to lose it’s appeal to the big clubs and second string sides are sent out.

League one side Portsmouth won the competition in 2008, beating Cardiff 1-0 thanks to a goal from striker Nwankwo Kanu. The now retired Nigerian scored the winner in the 37th minute.

But do the fans still see the cup as an important competition?

The FA Cup still holds a big place in Jake Smith’s heart. Photo: self-sourced image

Express FM host Jake Smith still sees value in the competition. He said “We want a cup run, we’ve not had one in years.”

Even if they don’t win the competition, a smaller club going deep into a competition and even beating bigger teams is something that can give a big boost to the moral of the supporters as well as earning the club more money.

Since winning the cup in 2008, Portsmouth have endured years of struggle. Just two years after winning the cup, Pompey were relegated from the Premier League and went into administration. The club have not returned to the top flight since then.

Winning the FA Cup just before the club’s drastic change in fortunes is something that will hold a special place in the hearts of many fans. For Portsmouth it was almost like a last hurrah before the decline down the Football League.

Smith went on to say “winning the FA Cup just over 10 years ago now is something that is really special to us”.

The big clubs may not look at the FA Cup in the same regard as they used to, but at least at Portsmouth, the competition holds a very big part of the fans’ memories.