Local hero, Jerry Eastsas and owner of ABC Fitness Gym lifted the spirits of his local community when Coronavirus was at its peak and lockdown was on red alert.

At the beginning of lockdown in early March, Eastsas knew that Covid-19 was going to be hard for many people. And with that an urge to do something to lift the local morale became the main objective, saying:

“We’re so aware of how important exercise and healthy-lifestyle is when it comes to mental health and we thought a lot of issues with mental health would be coming unless we do the best we can about it.”

With that, he put in place a system of free online classes available to his worker’s clients, his own clients as well as the local community. By doing so he was also able to support residents along with being able to continually pay his staff, which he described as “justification” after being unable to receive or offer any furlough aid. All the money he was paying his team came from personal savings together with side-investments he had stored away.

Entrance to ABC Fitness Gym

When concerning the feedback regarding the free-online exercise sessions, Eastsas said this:

“Delivering something to the local community has actually had really great results.”

As soon as the lockdown began to ease and groups of six were being allowed to meet up outside, Eastsas had already been putting plans in place and setting up systems to welcome back his customers along with staff. He explained:

“With one personal trainer we can have five other people training in our carpark. We’ve got a series of gazeboes set up, we’ve got equipment outside and we’ve got big lock-up container which we’ve cleared all that out and we’ve made a really great functional training area which the PT’s can use and safely train their clients from.”

Functional outside training area

By offering his services and time and investing both back into his team and community, Jerry Eastsas has earned his place amongst all the other cape-less heroes.