Rosberg unhappy with fourth as relationship with Hamilton takes another turn.

Nico Rosberg explained on his YouTube channel that he is “still annoyed” and “very disappointed” after finishing fourth in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Teammate Lewis Hamilton was told by Mercedes to let Rosberg pass, but Hamilton refused which led to the Brit taking third place over the German. Daniel Ricciardo took first and Fernando Alonso finished second.

Rosberg was displeased with Hamilton’s decision: “It was a very eventful race, but I am very disappointed.”

“Lewis did not let me by even though he was ordered to so obviously that is not good and we need to discuss that internally.

“It is the summer break now so I can look forward… actually I can’t I am still very annoyed.”

Rosberg led the race from the start, but the unfortunate timing of the safety car meant it gave other drivers such as Ricciardo and  Alonso, who were in the pit at the time, the chance to catch up.

The German driver said on his YouTube: “The way the safety car came out was wrong.

“I got stuck behind it right away and it was so slow that all the guys managed to pit first and they got by me which is not supposed to be the case.

Rosberg had a good opportunity to pass Hamilton again on turn two on the last lap but failed to execute.

“The thing that I’m most annoyed about is the last lap when I had a little opportunity, and it was so close, but I didn’t manage to use it.”

“My strategy in the end turned out not to be the best one, but I did not know that at the time.”