Solent Netball Team looks ahead to next game after defeat

The Solent Netball Team suffered a defeat in their game against University of Gloucestershire with a final score of 31-35.


The game saw the Solent team only running seven players which left the team with no substitutes which contributed to the subpar performance.


“I think the lack of players that we had and no substitutes really let us down because our fitness just wasn’t up to it but we’re going to work on it,” Megan Feltham, captain of the team, explains.


The lack of a full squad came down to the players having other commitments making them unable attend the game according to Feltham.


“Unfortunately, people had other commitments that they just couldn’t get out of for this week which is really disappointing,” she tells.


Now, the team looks ahead to their next game.


“We’re all looking forward to the next game. We just got to move on to the cup now and not focus to much on the loss last week.”


The next game will see the Solent team face off against AECC, where the Solent team expects to deliver a stronger performance.


“We will have a full team next time, so that will definitely help. We also just got to make sure, that our fitness is better for next time, so everyone will be attending each training session from now on, not missing out on any fitness sessions on Fridays.”


According to her, the fitness sessions held on Friday evening has seen a low attendance, since some team members go home for the weekend or have work obligations.


“Commitment definitely hasn’t been there on a Friday, but we will work in it in the next couple of works leading up to the final cup game.”