Solent Rugby tackles new law change

Rugby players have voiced their concern after it was announced that there could be a radical rule change by the next Rugby World Cup.

World Rugby have proposed that a ban on tackles above the waist will be trialled in an attempt to make the sport safer after a number of severe head injuries have plagued the sport’s reputation.

Photo by Rosie Russell

Last year, three amateur French players died as a result of dangerously high tackles, the eldest being just 21.

When asked about the law change, Solent University’s openside flanker, Alex Perry, said: “I think it’s a bit overboard. The game will be too stop-start and it won’t flow, which is what people want.

Fullback Russell Trundle recognised the motive behind the decision but feared it would have a negative impact on the game.

“I can understand it with the high risk of concussions in the game, but there’s going to be a point where players are going to be too scared to make tackles because of

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being disciplined.”

Solent Rugby’s coach, Stephen Judd, saw pros and cons to the proposal, “it’s going to speed up the game and will definitely be more exciting.”

“We could get higher scoring games but it’s going to look like t

ouch rugby and it will ruin the spectacle of union.”

Judd feels there will no problem adapting to the change, “most of the guys have come in from under-15s and you teach them the chop tackle and you teach them to get low for safety reasons to start with.”

Beddau RFC medic and sports therapy student Jessica Langley was pleased to hear about the proposal but still thought injuries would be rife, “I think it will reduce upper body injuries but maybe not lower body since they’re not being thrown on their head they’re still being taken out from the knee.”