Solent Rugby Team Captain Harry Sievewight wins Sports Contributor of the Year award

Solent rugby team club captain Harry Sievewight has won the Solent Sport’s contributor award for his efforts throughout the 2018/2019 campaign.

This is for his work with organising the transportation for the team to and from different sporting grounds, and his upkeep of team morale throughout the long season.

Rugby scrum – self soruced

Sievewight, who is Solent first team’s number 8 has made 20 appearances this season for Solent Rugby’s first team and has been a mainstay in the league this season.

When asked how it felt to be granted this award Sievewight said “well I’ve never received an award for my sporting contributions before, so this definitely came as a surprise”.

Solent’s number 8 has even extended his efforts beyond his team this season, as he helped the Spartans (the Uni’s second rugby team) qualify into the BUCS league for the first time ever in the team’s history.

Looking ahead to next season Sievewight is looking forward to see how the second team will perform in a division that requires so much from it’s participants. He said “it’ll be a really tough challenge for the boys, but if they embrace it I think they can have a good campaign”.

Harry Sievewight & his teammate – self sourced

The award in the last 3 years has gone to members of the Solent football team so this perhaps marks a shift in the sport which dominates the University’s news.

After finishing 3rd in the Rugby Union BUCS league and a colossal 26 points behind league winners Marjons first team, Solent first team will be eager to mount a more sustainable title challenge next campaign.