Squash Needs to Be An Olympic Sport To Help It Survive

The future of the Solent squash team is at risk, due to the lack of coaches and students willing to represent the University.

The current squash captain Callum Greasley, believes there are many factors that can keep the squad alive.

“There needs to be big wholesale changes. Squash needs to be in the Olympics, that’s going to help it become a bigger sport. It’s right now a small sport and relatively new at the university.

Southampton Squash captain, Callum Greasly
Photo: News Days

“We need a little more funding from from Solent Sports, because we are in a bit of a state, we don’t have a coach and things like that, which reflects on us and people don’t want to come to a club that looks a little less organised”.

Five members of the Squash team are graduating at the end of the season, leaving the  squad vulnerable to folding completely.

Due to the lack of funding, the squad have been unable to travel to away games, forcing them to cancel.

The team was relegated from the BUCS 2A Western League therefore, they will need more experienced players to revitalise the squad.

Jack Miller photo: Solent Newsday

The future squash captain Jack Miller, is calling out for freshers to join the club, so they can continue to play.

“On a basic level, we need three more players because we can get away with playing with only four in a team.

“However, realistically I want to get six or seven more in a team, so we got a nice amount and we can pick people, when people aren’t available or just for socials”.